coffee wasn’t made for the weak

So…mini rant.

*disclaimer: if you’re used to my ramblings and mini soul-searching blog posts, worry not! I have been working on one for a few days but…haven’t come full circle with it yet. BUT…it will be done before the weeks end, I can promise you that!


I used to think I like coffee. You know…when you were in high school and wanted to seem cool, so you drank coffee with creamer and sugar and by that I mean….Creamer, sugar, with a splash of that black monstrosity they call coffee.

I didn’t start drinking coffee just black until a year and a half ago, as the first step towards a full lifestyle change. This marked a massive transitional time in my life, as I started to care about what went into my body, and working out became a daily-no-quitting-do-it-even-if-you’re-tired thing for me. Since then…I’ve been drinking my coffee black with no sugar/stevia/honey/sweetener. So…imagine my surprise when I walk into Starbucks this afternoon, order a iced coconut milk latte, and take my first sip…


HOLY SMOKES there’s SO much sugar/sweetener/”simple syrup” in this bad boy, a true latte should be offended that this carries the same name. coffee, no matter how hard Starbucks may try, is not supposed to be a dessert. It shouldn’t carry 45656354 grams of sugar. IT’S COFFEE. the kick in the butt you ask for every morning to get your brain flowing. The stuff you have mid-afternoon to get you through to therapy (oh, just me? that’s fine!)


I didn’t think I’d have to ask for a latte to be unsweetened. Maybe I’ve been getting spoiled by all the *true* coffeeshops around Austin that I’ve been frequenting that…you know…believe in the pure goodness of a simple coffee+milk combination of a latte. Now…I hate confrontation-something I’m working out through therapy-but I couldn’t bring it to myself to ask them to make it unsweetened…so…my whole30, week 2, by specific rule, is over and it’s technically time to start from day 1 again. but…I’ve already done a whole 30, and I understand the fundamentals of the whole 30. The reason I started a second Whole 30 wasn’t to find out what my body doesn’t accept and what it does in terms of inflammation and allergies-figured that stuff out the first time. It’s to re-commit to a pure lifestyle. I’ve been lenient with my diet, and it’s showed. I just wanted to get back in the right mindset, and on the right path, and I feel like I have been. Just recognizing the fact that there’s so much sweetness to this drink is HUGE thing. Obviously, next time I hit up a Starbucks, I’ll have to be more specific when ordering, or just stick with a hot tea or iced coffee, where I can manage what goes into the coffee/tea itself.


Well… I hope everyone’s been having a great week and an even better day. The weekend is almost here, people! One more day…you got this!


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