Get Social

Social media is everywhere. I hate it, you hate it; everyone claims to hate it.

But we still check it daily.
We still defend it’s necessity on the daily.
We still throw ourselves at these platforms that let us paint unrealistic portraits of what our lives are really like.

Yeah, I hate social media just as much as the next guy.
I talk crap about it all the time.

BUT I do think it can be used for good, when the right people are in the driver’s seat directing the masses away from self-comparisons and unsustainable expectations, and into the lighter side of social media. The side where we use it for its purest intent: to connect with others, regardless where they’re located on this earth.

So . . .

If Twitter is your thing, tweet me.

If you’re more of the Insta-type, shout me out in your story.

Take a liking to LinkedIn? Let’s Connect!

Creating these connections will help build a foundation in your professional (and personal) life that are:

In a world where it’s so easy to feel invisible, it’s these connections that can keep us moving forward with strength, dignity and self-respect.

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