coffee wasn’t made for the weak rant. *disclaimer: if you're used to my ramblings and mini soul-searching blog posts, worry not! I have been working on one for a few days but...haven't come full circle with it yet. will be done before the weeks end, I can promise you that!   I used to think I like coffee. You... Continue Reading →

Nut Butter lovers, unite!

alright my lovelies, I hope everyone's been having a great past few weeks! Things have gotten stressful, then fun, then exhausting for me but...such is life! What fun is it if you sit at home and waste the days you are given away? NONE! Anyways...I'm constantly on the lookout for great and nutritious (nut) butters... Continue Reading →

Where Are You, Weekend?

This week has gone by quite fast compared to the last few weeks, which I was worried about because... I'm going back to my home state of Texas (stupid early in the AM) on Saturday. Woooooo! I had no idea how much I've missed my Austin, my friends and family there. Trying to find my... Continue Reading →


OK OK OK OK! In my last post I had shared with you lovely people that I was going to attempt to make a whole wheat pizza crust tonight. Was I nervous? Absolutely yes. BUT I found the easiest and quickest recipe ever that calls for literally 4 ingredients and takes about 10 minutes...what?! That's... Continue Reading →

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