Nut Butter lovers, unite!

alright my lovelies, I hope everyone’s been having a great past few weeks! Things have gotten stressful, then fun, then exhausting for me but…such is life! What fun is it if you sit at home and waste the days you are given away? NONE!

Anyways…I’m constantly on the lookout for great and nutritious (nut) butters that don’t add oil and sugar (why that’s even a thing still baffles me) and keep seeing all these cool brands on instagram, and have decided to try out Nikki’s coconut butter. I’ve heard a lot about them, but have yet to take the plunge and buy any…until now. Has anyone else tried these, or any other brands? Tell me everything you know!

Here’s a cool little article about Nikki’s butters, if you’re interested in trying them out!






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