It’s Only Up We Go

If you’ve been noticing a theme between the titles of my recent posts…you are not crazy. It’s funny how we all make fun of the cheesy cliches until they become a part of our daily lives in attempt to “pull ourselves up by our boot straps” (see what I did there?). I just felt like I needed to address the elephant in the room. Man…I’m on a roll.

OK OK OK…onto the main topic. Why we’re all here. What we’ve all been waiting for. Taylor talking about her life and her struggle of being 23, lost and confused. Now…I’m sure some of the people reading this are in their late twenties, thirties, forties (so on and so forth) and are just saying, “Oh…to be in my twenties again….” or…my recent favorite thing to hear, “I remember being your age…it was one heck of a time!” Really? Was it? I somehow doubt you thought 23 was the time of your life when you were 23. If someone wants to prove me wrong…please do! Feel free to leave me a comment or message me about it. I really would love to be told I have it wrong, just this once of course :p.

But seriously… I’ve been doing a lot of self exploration, and coming to some harsh yet accurate realizations over the last 5 days. This isn’t to say that I have things figured out and everything I’ve been writing novels to you guys about over the last 2 weeks has magically fixed itself. Nope! Not at all, not even remotely close. BUT… instead of continuously wanting to run away from the issues that are present in my life, I now realize that location isn’t my problem…it’s me. It’s my mental well-being, my personal woes, my issues with transitioning into a career, figuring out what a “grown up” relationship is all about, figuring out the differences between wants and needs…things of that nature.

I’m sure some of you are reading this and thinking one of two things. a.)She has come so far and is on the right track to figuring her life out. or..b.) This chick is ALL over the place. And here  I stand to tell you that both are extremely accurate statements. I have made microscopic baby steps in the (somewhat) right direction. I started seeing a therapist on Monday (praise) and, to my surprise…we really hit it off. She made me realize certain things, even a week after my initial visit with her, things are slowly coming to me, and I at least know where most of the puzzle pieces are now, just don’t know where all to put them. And…fret not, my friends. I have yet another cliche for this exact moment. *Progress is progress, no matter how small* (love it!). But…it’s true. Even the slightest change is more meaningful and helpful than no change at all. Then on the other end of the spectrum…my life is still all over the place. I guess there’s some beauty in that struggle somewhere. I haven’t quite found said beauty yet, but I do like to believe that there is purpose behind everything we encounter and every situation we are put in. That there are greater means in play than we as mankind cannot understand until we have found some kind of grace within ourselves. So..for now, I’ll just keep on with the keep on, trying to find that purpose that I hear about every day through every song ever created.

Also…I just want to quickly brag on how cool music is. Yeah…that was probably the most unartistic and literarily inept way to phrase that but you get the point I’m making. Just think about it… Have you ever been in a moment, a situation, a mood that you cannot fully comprehend, let alone give insight to someone else on what you’re going through? Of course you have, you’re human. Then…all the sudden, you have your iPhone on shuffle in the car and 4 songs come on-in a row-that completely describe what you’re experiencing, how you’re feeling, where your mind’s at. That’s the most insane thing ever. That these feelings we experience, that we cannot put into coherent words or phrases…someone else somewhere has felt the same exact thing, and wrote a song about it. I just find something so beautiful and mesmerizing about that, and the experience music gives us.

In the fitness/health/nutrition side of my life… I have decided that I’m going to a second round of Whole 30. It’s been about 10 months since my first Whole 30, and I’ve had a lot of transitions and changes in my life that have brought great stress and diverted me from the extreme health-nut lifestyle I’ve come to know and love over the last year and a half. So I figured what better way than to get back swinging than by going in balls to the wall (sorry if you hate that analogy…but it’s perfect here) and setting myself up for success in 2016. Let me know if you’re doing a December whole 30, too! The biggest part of whole 30 is holding yourself accountable and having a group of supporters throughout it, especially if it’s your first one.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving around the ones they love, and an even better Monday! I’ll leave you with some Schumer logic.




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