The Importance Of A Healthy Mind

Hello beautiful people! How is everyone today? Hopefully more than just OK, but I understand that every dog has it’s day, and that day may not be today. Hey, no shame in that! We’ve all been there; sometimes multiple times in one day.

Well, I was just reflecting back on the last 8 months of my life and all the changes I’ve made. Then I wandered off to self-doubt, and how we all, at some point, tend to be overly hard on ourselves. Why is that? Why do we forget so easily all that we have accomplished?


The hills we’ve fought tooth and nail to climb, the steps we doubted every second to even get to the bottom of said hill, these are all things to be proud of, to feel strength in. The courage it takes to even realize the path you’d rather be on cannot be measured. We are stronger than we think, and more courageous than we could ever know. So…Where am I going with this? It’s like this, y’all…If your mind is plagued with the have nots and how far you still have to go, you cannot clearly see how far you’ve come, how plausible and doable the next chapter of your story is.

if you’re clouding your mind with negativity and self-hate (or anger towards anyone/thing in general) you cannot see the course of your own personal victory. And that victory is so, SO sweet. The lives we lead are gifts, and no one is promised another day in this world. Why spend the time we have left, the time we are given obsessing over things that in the grand scheme don’t matter? These thoughts aren’t bringing anyone to a place of motivation or self-love, they’re just tearing your mind and soul apart at the seams.

I challenge you to start every day on a positive foot. Reflect on what it is that you feel GOOD about, what goal you’ll work TOWARDS today. Think about how great it’ll feel after taking that one step, realizing you’re rebuilding the ground you and your life stand upon.


You simply cannot progress without your mind being in a healthy, loving place. You cannot see progress if you’ve plagued your days with doubt and negativity. Even if you’ve physically progressed, you’ll likely be backpedaling in a mental way. Reflecting on the good will bring you to a place of acceptance and inner-peace-something we all need to really, truly succeed.


**This applies to loving yourself, too. You must first be able to honestly love yourself before showing true, meaningful love for anyone or thing else. If you don’t put yourself first, why should anyone else? ❤


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