The Diet You Should Swear By

…isn’t the same for everyone.

OH! And…





…it doesn’t exist.

But how is it that there are so many diets out there that people follow–religiously, at that? How can so many people swear the diet they follow is the answer and the solution to every problem you’ve ever had? How could it be that there are so many experts that are wrong? So many doctors, trainers, dietitians, and just humans on a journey to being their best selves: how can all but one of these people be wrong?

Well…that’s probably because there’s three sides to every piece of research that’s ever been done. There’s the side that the researcher chose to solely focus on and see (despite other information that plays into the results), the side of the other researcher from the opposing side (same situation as researcher #1), and the side of the two researchers findings put together in an extensive and cohesive report that…you’ll likely never see/hear about. Why? Because that doesn’t sell like “sworn, hard evidence” pointing in one specific direction.

Have you ever heard someone say that our bodies weren’t meant to digest ______? For vegans, our bodies weren’t meant to digest meat or animal byproducts. For Paleo-heads, our bodies cannot sustain or be strengthened without meat/animal byproducts because of the nutrients solely found within them (B12, anyone?), but processed foods like grains and legumes can cause inflammation, and force bacteria (ew) to break them down in our intestines.

Yes, it’s good to eat your greens. No one has ever, and should never, argue otherwise. Fresh produce is something that should always be in your diet. Whether it’s kale, celery, apples, bananas, etc…Keep on with the keep on. But…is that what your diet should solely consist of—along with whole grains?

There’s no denying that human beings have herbivorous tendencies and characteristics. Biology shows that we have flat teeth for grinding plants, and although humans behave like omnivores—eating both plant and animal-based foods—it’s been found that our digestive system is comparable to that of Apes (who eat about 3% of animal-based foods).

So, how did we become this culture full of nay-sayers towards any diet other than the one they follow? How did we start food-shaming what is still considered “healthy” eating? Why are there cults of people—some more cult-y than others (you know who you are)—praising themselves for eating a certain way and quite literally (ok, not literally) stoning people who believe otherwise?

This, my friends, is all a part of a feedback loop. What’s a feedback loop? Ah-ha. That’s where “The perfect Diet, part 2” will pick up.

Gotcha. 😉


Ch Ch Changes

Hello all!

I know it’s been a minute, or….months…since I’ve posted, but my life has been through a total 180 over the last month and a half and I’ve been on go, go, go essentially for a month straight. As you may recall, I had spoken of new chapters that I’ve been approaching in my life, and that includes moving from Memphis to Austin without a job, and crashing at my parents house while searching for that one opportunity to make a real name for myself in the business world. Well, months of searching and applying prior to my arrival paid off, as I locked down a job within the first week of being back, and move into my new place (yay) this coming Monday! I’ve hit the ground running with work, and am currently nearing the end of a 2 week work trip (what did I say? I wasn’t playing around!).

But…after 9 days straight without a day off, I finally have a moment to breathe and…update the blog with something that’s been weighing on my mind, and surely has passed through many others, over the last few weeks. How do you handle momentary or lifelong changes to your daily routines? So…I’ve been on the road, meaning…living out of a hotel with no gym and no kitchen for the last 9 days. Clearly, for a gym junkie and an avid clean/paleo eater…this brings all of the challenges of a routine lifestyle to the forefront of your days. Unfortunately, I’ve been eating things I normally wouldn’t, and eating out every. single. day. Which is, yes, driving me crazy. But I do try and make health-minded choices when eating out, but I haven’t won every single one of those food battles, and I’m trying to accept and come to terms with the fact that that’s OK. No one is perfect. We are not a perfect kind, and no one should expect that of themselves or others.


This has been something I have struggled to accept for a year or so now, because of fear of returning back to and falling victim of old habits. So…I’m coming to terms of acceptance with these 12 days of less than ideal eating situations by reminding myself that when I get back home in a few days, all of it ends. And honestly, I can’t wait for it to end. I can’t wait to hit the gym for a 2 hour work out, and then go make an egg-white and spinach frittata BECAUSE I CAN and…who doesn’t love eggs?! Some time off the wagon doesn’t mean you’ve fallen off entirely. Good eating and hard workouts are more than just choices do or don’t make. This is a lifestyle you’re now a part of, and a week, or 12 days in my case, doesn’t erase the changes you’ve made and will continue to make. You are not your cheat meals. You are not the days you didn’t work out while away on business or vacation. You are a warrior, you are strong, and you live a healthy lifestyle that you’re more than likely stoked to get back to.

A Sure Killer

Once again, not posting much but what I am posting is a goodie! As you know, I’ve been focusing heavily on my abs as of late, and am constantly searching for more moves to add into my routine to challenge my body and work different areas of my core. Alas…I stumbled upon Core 24, watching this particular video and after deciding it looks like absolute hell, I figured it’s probably a great addition to my routine. Check it out and tell me what you think, won’t ya?!

Life In A Whirlwind

The last 2 weeks have been too crazy. A lot of changes and realizations have occurred in my life on a personal level. Honestly…it’s been extremely eye-opening, yet entirely emotionally draining. I visited home (Texas) for a week, and essentially came to the conclusion that Austin is where my soul is, and I have to follow my soul. In that was a very valuable life lesson. What your soul craves cannot, and should not be ignored in ANY aspect of your life. if you’ve ever had that tight feeling in your chest or turn in your stomach or spark in the back of your mind that you’ve put away to ignore or think less of…don’t! That’s your soul trying to tell you something, and something important.


It’s almost necessary to be in tune with your soul and its desires, because (I believe) that is where you’ll find your happiness comes full circle. You can have good physical health, but your mental clarity could be in harms way. There is no person or place or thing that is worth worsening your mental wellbeing, and that is something worth examining from time to time. Go after what you want, whatever that may be, and do it with your whole heart. Want to lose weight? Ok…then do it. Change something every day that can get you closer to what you want. Want a 6 pack? Great! Work those abs every day and clean up your diet more than you have before (less cheat days, you know abs are made in the kitchen!).

As for me, I want to find a job that fulfills the part of me that hasn’t been tapped into lately, and to be in a place that inspires me with people who are fearless: Austin. I want a more defined stomach, so I’m working out my abs harder than I have in the gym and indulging a heck of a lot less than I have been as of late. Hey…life is all about give and take. You CAN and you WILL do whatever you want as long as you believe you can. And guess what? YOU CAN! Just make the decision to believe in yourself and commit. You’d be surprised the changes that will transpire after the simple decision to try.

get it

What’s something you want to change but are too afraid of failure to take that first step? Also…if you have any tips to getting on point abs…PLEASE help a girl out! 🙂

Where Are You, Weekend?

This week has gone by quite fast compared to the last few weeks, which I was worried about because… I’m going back to my home state of Texas (stupid early in the AM) on Saturday. Woooooo! I had no idea how much I’ve missed my Austin, my friends and family there. Trying to find my place in this world the year after college is…confusing, lonely, amazing, and terrifying all at the same time. I’m in unfamiliar territory every single day, and it’ll be nice to get back to my roots, have some amazing conversation over delicious food, listening to live music at SXSW, and just…letting go.

We all get caught up in our routines, or let our minds take over our reality, to the point that we never really stop to look around and appreciate all that we have in this world. Yes, I take great satisfaction in the work out/eating routine I’ve developed for myself but I’ve just been feeling so, so, so overwhelmed lately, overthinking everything, that I cannot wait to break the routine.

Is it just me, or do you struggle with actually letting go of the overly health-conscious part of your mind? I struggle with not overthinking and actually being present when I’m out with friends or family members at a restaurant-type place. I’m always overanalyzing, wondering about my caloric intake, then stressing over it. When I’d much rather be able to just shut that part of my mind up and be there, and enjoy every single moment, every single bite-or sip- of whatever I’m having.

BEING PRESENT: that’s my current non-fitness goal for myself.

In other news, the snow is GONE AND DONE FOR! Hallelujah. I thought this day may never come. I was getting stir crazy, and came down with the boredom-hunger. This week’s been pretty great so far, work’s been smooth, and I had the most delicious breakfast this morning. If you haven’t tried to make plantain waffles/pancakes, you’re seriously missing out. Plantains are often overlooked in the produce section of many stores, but they’re SOOOO good for you! Plus, they make a delicious and simple waffle. Who doesn’t love yummy, healthy AND easy food?!


If you want to know how to make these super easy plantain waffles, let me know! I promise, it’s not even fair how easy it is, but I’m OK with that. I topped these bad boys with some strawberries, a dollop of cashew butter (which is my current favorite amongst nut butters), and walden farms pancake syrup. YUM YUM YUM.

Alright…that’s it for me today. If you love what you see/have read, please let me know! I love hearing from and talking to people! Enjoy the rest of your day and if it’s going less than perfect, remember that tomorrow is FRIDAY! ❤

The Importance Of A Healthy Mind

Hello beautiful people! How is everyone today? Hopefully more than just OK, but I understand that every dog has it’s day, and that day may not be today. Hey, no shame in that! We’ve all been there; sometimes multiple times in one day.

Well, I was just reflecting back on the last 8 months of my life and all the changes I’ve made. Then I wandered off to self-doubt, and how we all, at some point, tend to be overly hard on ourselves. Why is that? Why do we forget so easily all that we have accomplished?


The hills we’ve fought tooth and nail to climb, the steps we doubted every second to even get to the bottom of said hill, these are all things to be proud of, to feel strength in. The courage it takes to even realize the path you’d rather be on cannot be measured. We are stronger than we think, and more courageous than we could ever know. So…Where am I going with this? It’s like this, y’all…If your mind is plagued with the have nots and how far you still have to go, you cannot clearly see how far you’ve come, how plausible and doable the next chapter of your story is.

if you’re clouding your mind with negativity and self-hate (or anger towards anyone/thing in general) you cannot see the course of your own personal victory. And that victory is so, SO sweet. The lives we lead are gifts, and no one is promised another day in this world. Why spend the time we have left, the time we are given obsessing over things that in the grand scheme don’t matter? These thoughts aren’t bringing anyone to a place of motivation or self-love, they’re just tearing your mind and soul apart at the seams.

I challenge you to start every day on a positive foot. Reflect on what it is that you feel GOOD about, what goal you’ll work TOWARDS today. Think about how great it’ll feel after taking that one step, realizing you’re rebuilding the ground you and your life stand upon.


You simply cannot progress without your mind being in a healthy, loving place. You cannot see progress if you’ve plagued your days with doubt and negativity. Even if you’ve physically progressed, you’ll likely be backpedaling in a mental way. Reflecting on the good will bring you to a place of acceptance and inner-peace-something we all need to really, truly succeed.


**This applies to loving yourself, too. You must first be able to honestly love yourself before showing true, meaningful love for anyone or thing else. If you don’t put yourself first, why should anyone else? ❤

When an Ice-pocalypse Attacks

Well…It’s been a crazy week and a half. I was out work all but one day last week and twice this week, and I have found out that being stuck in a house all day for multiple days in a row is not good for the mind, body, or soul. Eh, actually I got some pretty kick ass workouts in, but you know what I mean.

I’m the type of person that if you give me 10 minutes to really think about anything, I will take every idea and run with it. If I’m in the creative mood or the ‘I need to write something, and write something now’ mindset, it’s GREAT. However, that’s not the place my mind took me to over those days. I thought about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. From where I’m going in life, to questioning if I’m eating clean enough and training hard enough, to whether or not I really, truly like that shirt I swore I was in love with 2 weeks ago when I bought it…You get the gist.
When I could FINALLY (it was 3 days straight…I’m just being slightly dramatic :p ) leave the house, I ventured to Whole Foods, and it was the greatest moment of my life. #1, Whole Foods is amazing. Yes, sometimes it can add up, but they have every. single. thing I could possibly need for any of the recipes I have tucked away on Pinterest. #2, for those of you who don’t know…Whole Foods was founded in Austin, Texas–my hometown–and from there, its magic expanded to take over the city, and sure enough, the rest of the country. When I go there, it’s like a little piece of home, a safe-haven, if you will. And after those 3 days of overthinking and driving myself insane, I needed that.

Turns out, since the end of my first ever (woohoo!) Whole 30, I have lost 3 more pounds. HOORAY! For anyone who’s done a Whole 30, you know how scary the re-introductory process can be. I was terrified that I had done an overkill of things I hadn’t been able to eat, but, sure enough…that wasn’t the case. Isn’t it crazy how our minds can alter our realities so effortlessly? I don’t know about you, but I often find myself overthinking my food decisions more often than not, when the reality of it is that I eat real, clean food mainly all of the time. Even if I don’t, who cares? I know that as a human being, to maintain the good health I have worked so hard to achieve that I cannot indulge allllll the time. I know this. So why do I freak out and start to obsess over stupid little things such as that?

If you eat real food that empowers and enables your body to perform the way it was intended to, you are doing great. I’m doing great. I, and I think I’m speaking for others here when I say this, need to give myself a break. Chill out. Stop worrying. Be more present. IT’S JUST FOOD. And I know everything I make is clean. So who cares if I have a generous serving of that chicken stew? If my body is still hungry, I shouldn’t feel bad about nourishing it. AM I RIGHT?!

So, do yourself a favor and give yourself a break! Lets help each other let loose and try to enjoy the life we lead and the time we’ve been given with the people with love. Most of all, it’s time for us to start loving ourselves (and our bodies) the way we should.