Anxiety Will Have To Wait

So…I had this brilliant blog post idea pop in my head yesterday. So brilliant that I even went to the extent of making a note about it in my phone. I knowthat is dedication at it’s finest. However…today, when I sat down and pulled open wordpress to start this whole post that I’d thought out and overthought a time or two (or 500), I just didn’t want to. I didn’t want to use my energy towards explaining something that is plaguing my mind, body and spirit. Not today. Today…I am choosing to push my mind to other things. Things that I love, things that inspire and motivate me. Things such as…music. I have a million and one verticals that I’m working in the multimedia world, and one of those is a music blog that has been lacking love lately. So… To anyone who wants an different perspective on a name you may have heard… have a listen. Check out the post. I admit…I had originally wanted the post to go upon a different tumblr I have that has my published works on it. However…the problem with being present within a million and one verticals is that…you forget the logins for a handful of them. So…Below you will find a link to the post I made today, and a link the the tumblr with published works on it.

Get out of your head today, everyone! If you haven’t, go get a workout in. Take a walk outside. Breathe.


That Rapper We’ve All (probably) Heard Of

The Published World of Taylor Brianna


Enjoy, lovelies!


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