Life In A Whirlwind

The last 2 weeks have been too crazy. A lot of changes and realizations have occurred in my life on a personal level. Honestly…it’s been extremely eye-opening, yet entirely emotionally draining. I visited home (Texas) for a week, and essentially came to the conclusion that Austin is where my soul is, and I have to follow my soul. In that was a very valuable life lesson. What your soul craves cannot, and should not be ignored in ANY aspect of your life. if you’ve ever had that tight feeling in your chest or turn in your stomach or spark in the back of your mind that you’ve put away to ignore or think less of…don’t! That’s your soul trying to tell you something, and something important.


It’s almost necessary to be in tune with your soul and its desires, because (I believe) that is where you’ll find your happiness comes full circle. You can have good physical health, but your mental clarity could be in harms way. There is no person or place or thing that is worth worsening your mental wellbeing, and that is something worth examining from time to time. Go after what you want, whatever that may be, and do it with your whole heart. Want to lose weight? Ok…then do it. Change something every day that can get you closer to what you want. Want a 6 pack? Great! Work those abs every day and clean up your diet more than you have before (less cheat days, you know abs are made in the kitchen!).

As for me, I want to find a job that fulfills the part of me that hasn’t been tapped into lately, and to be in a place that inspires me with people who are fearless: Austin. I want a more defined stomach, so I’m working out my abs harder than I have in the gym and indulging a heck of a lot less than I have been as of late. Hey…life is all about give and take. You CAN and you WILL do whatever you want as long as you believe you can. And guess what? YOU CAN! Just make the decision to believe in yourself and commit. You’d be surprised the changes that will transpire after the simple decision to try.

get it

What’s something you want to change but are too afraid of failure to take that first step? Also…if you have any tips to getting on point abs…PLEASE help a girl out! 🙂

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