A Post Without a Title

Had a great idea about what to write next on here… thing is, I’d fall asleep half way through writing, or go off on an even more random tangent than usual. We don’t need any more space-cadet Taylor than we already have.

So…this is here to be a placeholder to myself. Something to remind me of the headspace I was in when I was driven to write a new post.

The idea that we have of being “too much”. I’m always apologizing for being “too much”. Too blunt. Too out there. Too weird. Too loud. Too outspoken. Too OK with being too______. And it turns out…a lot of people are. We apologize for the way the world takes our energy, and we spent X amount of time focused on what we need to change about ourselves to fit in some imaginary unknown box of what someone else decides makes us worthy of their glorified presence.


Why is not OK to be OK with every quirk you have? Why is that frowned upon? Why do we take what makes someone unique and (maybe unintentionally) make them feel like a$s by saying, “and this is why you’re single”.


Thoughts and speculation to come.



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