Background Music to Your Life part 1

Part 1? What? Yeah. YEAH! You read that right. Why 2 parts? Well…I started typing up a blog post on my flight to Cancun yesterday about the impact of music on our lives, and why we let it/are ok with letting it/want it to have said impact. But…for right now, after a day of reflection in a beautiful place with beautiful people…I…just don’t feel like getting that deep into the idealistic aspect of the music world. For now, I just want to post a song that is too real, and too simple in its realness. Because…we all walk around, taking certain things too seriously, others not enough. All the while holding on where we should let go, or having our guards down when we should have them up. Whatever your story in this exact moment of life is, to music, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a POS day and got ignored by everyone you thought you were “tight” with, and let down by the ones you’ve done everything for. Music will be there. It’s irrelevant if you’ve balled so hard at work and just got that promotion and a helluva raise to go with it and are showboating around town feeling like a million bucks. Music will be there (even if you hit that drum solo a little too hard on your steering wheel). And…it STILL doesn’t matter if you’ve gotten your heart broken in 14 different ways in a 2 hour period and hate the world and everyone on it.

Music will have your back like the friend you’ve always wanted to have, and to be. Why is it so hard to just accept that we are flawed, and that’s OK. We are, as my girl Sara Barielles says *so* well, “I’m composed of the elements, moving around and I grow and change, and I shift and I switch…”, and then goes on to say some other extremely accurate things which I’ll let you hear for yourself (you’re welcome). SO… here’s a fun experiment you can do. Try, just try, to ease up on yourself, on other people, and be the person that music (if it were a person) is to you. Chill. We all suck sometimes, and that’s OK. Don’t expect others to be perfect and make no mistakes, and don’t expect yourself not to, either. Oh, also…LISTEN TO THIS SONG! It’ll make you laugh no matter your mood, and we are all Sara.



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