Hey Millennials, This is For You

Twenty20 So you feel a little lost right now? Like the path you’ve chosen or the path someone else has chosen for you isn’t the one you want to continue walking down. But you’re doing it because it’s the only thing you know. You’re doing it because you’re afraid of the unfamiliar. You’re conflicted between… via... Continue Reading →

Say Yes to What’s Real

and what's real is Chance The Rapper. Now, don't get discouraged because you're not a rap or hip-hop fan. That has yet to deter anyone I know from liking Chance. Why? Because he's real, that's why. He doesn't rap about the club, or women in a degrading way. He raps about his life, his struggles,... Continue Reading →

Because You Deserve It

Sometimes there are collaborations that don't work out. Sometimes there are collaborations that get radio play. Then sometimes, there are collaborations that happen on the MTV VMAs Stage that are truly of epic and raw proportions. This performance was one of them, and it was a nice glimpse back in time to the MTV of... Continue Reading →

In The World of Taylor

As you may know, I've been freelancing for some time for a new digital content site both prior to and post launch date. However, I have yet to share any of the writings with you beautiful people. . . until now! Take a look around my content and peruse through other writers words (they're all... Continue Reading →

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