So Glad to See You

It’s been a while!
How are you—good?

As for me, I’ve been working (read: writing) my tail off and loving every second of it.
From copywriting to creative writing, and reporting to photography–I’ve been dabbling in a bit of everything.

And…that is why my site hasn’t uttered a peep.
I simply haven’t had the time/memory to create the time to post a content update.

With that being said, here are several articles I’ve written in 2021:

The Verde Wall

What’s On The Ballot For Austin’s Special Election?

Gabby Petito Case: Ongoing Coverage (here’s the latest)

The New Gatekeepers

J. Cole Shows Off Years of Rap Prowess on New Album

Overview of October’s Apple Event

Meet Olivia Julianna

Report Findings on Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Gov. Andrew Cuomo

The City of Austin Rolls Out Phase Two of its Camping Ban

Why Did Robinhood Block Its Users From Trading?

Olivia Rodrigo’s Album, Sour, Resonates With More Than Just Gen Z

Billie Eilish Agreed To Wear Oscar de la Renta Under One Condition

The Old Billie Can’t Come to The Phone

As always, make sure to check out my LinkedIn for more.


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