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Hi there!

Regardless of how you ended up on my site, I’m happy you landed here.
2020 has been and interesting year to say the least.

I lost a job due to the times, and had numerous articles for a contract gig at a website entirely disappearing along with the site itself . . . I’ve seen it all.

It breaks my heart that the ~15 articles I wrote for this website are untraceable (thus unsharable), I’ve collected a short list of various articles and pieces of content I’ve written over the last year. Feel free to dive into any and all.

Happy reading!

1. 2-pager for MVPindex: How Apparel Brands Have Stayed Relevant and Connected Amid a Global Pandemic 

2. Product Insight for ReviewPush:: Using ReviewPush’s Text Messaging Campaigns

3. ReviewPush Blog Post: Utilizing Customer Reviews to Enhance Your SEO 

4. Ghostwritten article on for Will Deane (Entrepreneur): How To Jumpstart Your Digital Planning for 2019

5. Ghostwritten article at FSR Magazine for Lee Mcneil (CEO of ReviewPush): Snapchat’s New Feature Could Revolutionize the Future of Dining

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