Avocado Lovers Unite

Just because we’re in the dead of summer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a twist on typically baked or toasted foods. Try avocado toast, for instance. You probably didn’t knw there were so many ways to spin this stuff, yet, here we are, reinventing the wheel again.

Twist Your Avo Toast

Are you a Texas State Fair Fan?

Either way, you probably had no idea that the same folks who throw on the state fair also hold the Big Tex Choice Awards.

What does that mean exactly, and what’s included? That’s a story I’d love to tell. Oh wait! I did. Check out what it’s all about here.

Happy hump day! 2 1/2 more days until we get to have that weekend feeling again. I for one cannot wait!

MunchPak: Worth the buzz?

I recently received a MunchPak to write a review on the service and what they supply. I was through the roof with excitement when I found out they wanted me to review it, and thought, “Hey, I may as well make this a full-fledged, publishable review.” And that, my friends, is exactly what I did.

Have you heard of MunchPak? Are you curious about what they have to offer, and if it’s worth your dollar? Check out my review on Wide Open Eats here!

The Diet You Should Swear By

…isn’t the same for everyone.

OH! And…





…it doesn’t exist.

But how is it that there are so many diets out there that people follow–religiously, at that? How can so many people swear the diet they follow is the answer and the solution to every problem you’ve ever had? How could it be that there are so many experts that are wrong? So many doctors, trainers, dietitians, and just humans on a journey to being their best selves: how can all but one of these people be wrong?

Well…that’s probably because there’s three sides to every piece of research that’s ever been done. There’s the side that the researcher chose to solely focus on and see (despite other information that plays into the results), the side of the other researcher from the opposing side (same situation as researcher #1), and the side of the two researchers findings put together in an extensive and cohesive report that…you’ll likely never see/hear about. Why? Because that doesn’t sell like “sworn, hard evidence” pointing in one specific direction.

Have you ever heard someone say that our bodies weren’t meant to digest ______? For vegans, our bodies weren’t meant to digest meat or animal byproducts. For Paleo-heads, our bodies cannot sustain or be strengthened without meat/animal byproducts because of the nutrients solely found within them (B12, anyone?), but processed foods like grains and legumes can cause inflammation, and force bacteria (ew) to break them down in our intestines.

Yes, it’s good to eat your greens. No one has ever, and should never, argue otherwise. Fresh produce is something that should always be in your diet. Whether it’s kale, celery, apples, bananas, etc…Keep on with the keep on. But…is that what your diet should solely consist of—along with whole grains?

There’s no denying that human beings have herbivorous tendencies and characteristics. Biology shows that we have flat teeth for grinding plants, and although humans behave like omnivores—eating both plant and animal-based foods—it’s been found that our digestive system is comparable to that of Apes (who eat about 3% of animal-based foods).

So, how did we become this culture full of nay-sayers towards any diet other than the one they follow? How did we start food-shaming what is still considered “healthy” eating? Why are there cults of people—some more cult-y than others (you know who you are)—praising themselves for eating a certain way and quite literally (ok, not literally) stoning people who believe otherwise?

This, my friends, is all a part of a feedback loop. What’s a feedback loop? Ah-ha. That’s where “The perfect Diet, part 2” will pick up.

Gotcha. 😉


While a Blog Post Sits in Drafts

I will leave you with this.

I promise I’m somewhere around the halfway point on a new (and lengthy–you’re welcome) post about what kind of diet is the best to follow and why (trust me, you’ll be surprised). However, for the meantime, some self-love was needed from my own point of view, and surely you could use some, too.


Therefore…I shall turn you over to the good people at Boost.

Happy Monday, you beautiful souls!

Turn your Monday Frown Upside Down

coffee wasn’t made for the weak

So…mini rant.

*disclaimer: if you’re used to my ramblings and mini soul-searching blog posts, worry not! I have been working on one for a few days but…haven’t come full circle with it yet. BUT…it will be done before the weeks end, I can promise you that!


I used to think I like coffee. You know…when you were in high school and wanted to seem cool, so you drank coffee with creamer and sugar and by that I mean….Creamer, sugar, with a splash of that black monstrosity they call coffee.

I didn’t start drinking coffee just black until a year and a half ago, as the first step towards a full lifestyle change. This marked a massive transitional time in my life, as I started to care about what went into my body, and working out became a daily-no-quitting-do-it-even-if-you’re-tired thing for me. Since then…I’ve been drinking my coffee black with no sugar/stevia/honey/sweetener. So…imagine my surprise when I walk into Starbucks this afternoon, order a iced coconut milk latte, and take my first sip…


HOLY SMOKES there’s SO much sugar/sweetener/”simple syrup” in this bad boy, a true latte should be offended that this carries the same name. coffee, no matter how hard Starbucks may try, is not supposed to be a dessert. It shouldn’t carry 45656354 grams of sugar. IT’S COFFEE. the kick in the butt you ask for every morning to get your brain flowing. The stuff you have mid-afternoon to get you through to therapy (oh, just me? that’s fine!)


I didn’t think I’d have to ask for a latte to be unsweetened. Maybe I’ve been getting spoiled by all the *true* coffeeshops around Austin that I’ve been frequenting that…you know…believe in the pure goodness of a simple coffee+milk combination of a latte. Now…I hate confrontation-something I’m working out through therapy-but I couldn’t bring it to myself to ask them to make it unsweetened…so…my whole30, week 2, by specific rule, is over and it’s technically time to start from day 1 again. but…I’ve already done a whole 30, and I understand the fundamentals of the whole 30. The reason I started a second Whole 30 wasn’t to find out what my body doesn’t accept and what it does in terms of inflammation and allergies-figured that stuff out the first time. It’s to re-commit to a pure lifestyle. I’ve been lenient with my diet, and it’s showed. I just wanted to get back in the right mindset, and on the right path, and I feel like I have been. Just recognizing the fact that there’s so much sweetness to this drink is HUGE thing. Obviously, next time I hit up a Starbucks, I’ll have to be more specific when ordering, or just stick with a hot tea or iced coffee, where I can manage what goes into the coffee/tea itself.


Well… I hope everyone’s been having a great week and an even better day. The weekend is almost here, people! One more day…you got this!