When A Thought Turns its (unruly) Head

Lately I’ve been missing the act of simply sitting down with a topic in mind and writing about it. You know-what bloggers do.

Just do it, then. It’s not that hard. You make time for what you want to.

True. These are all accurate statements. And what I have to say next may sound like excuses, but that’s only because…they are excuses. Life happens, things come up, and that’s OK.

It’s just that…at the end of the day, sometimes living life can be more important than sticking to your (non-existent) blog schedule and talking about life.

The weather’s perfect but you were supposed to write a post at 11:15 am? GO OUTSIDE. Your followers will understand. (disclaimer: if you stick to a strict schedule, write a post about how you’re breaking said schedule to experience experiences the only way one should-organically by being present)

Live the life you want through experiences, not through the screen of a laptop or the lens of a (shitty) cellphone camera.

And on that note, I’ll be signing off and checking out of the digital world (or the blog one, at least) for the next 3-24 hours (indecisiveness allows for giant gaps in time).



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