When an Ice-pocalypse Attacks

Well…It’s been a crazy week and a half. I was out work all but one day last week and twice this week, and I have found out that being stuck in a house all day for multiple days in a row is not good for the mind, body, or soul. Eh, actually I got some pretty kick ass workouts in, but you know what I mean.

I’m the type of person that if you give me 10 minutes to really think about anything, I will take every idea and run with it. If I’m in the creative mood or the ‘I need to write something, and write something now’ mindset, it’s GREAT. However, that’s not the place my mind took me to over those days. I thought about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. From where I’m going in life, to questioning if I’m eating clean enough and training hard enough, to whether or not I really, truly like that shirt I swore I was in love with 2 weeks ago when I bought it…You get the gist.
When I could FINALLY (it was 3 days straight…I’m just being slightly dramatic :p ) leave the house, I ventured to Whole Foods, and it was the greatest moment of my life. #1, Whole Foods is amazing. Yes, sometimes it can add up, but they have every. single. thing I could possibly need for any of the recipes I have tucked away on Pinterest. #2, for those of you who don’t know…Whole Foods was founded in Austin, Texas–my hometown–and from there, its magic expanded to take over the city, and sure enough, the rest of the country. When I go there, it’s like a little piece of home, a safe-haven, if you will. And after those 3 days of overthinking and driving myself insane, I needed that.

Turns out, since the end of my first ever (woohoo!) Whole 30, I have lost 3 more pounds. HOORAY! For anyone who’s done a Whole 30, you know how scary the re-introductory process can be. I was terrified that I had done an overkill of things I hadn’t been able to eat, but, sure enough…that wasn’t the case. Isn’t it crazy how our minds can alter our realities so effortlessly? I don’t know about you, but I often find myself overthinking my food decisions more often than not, when the reality of it is that I eat real, clean food mainly all of the time. Even if I don’t, who cares? I know that as a human being, to maintain the good health I have worked so hard to achieve that I cannot indulge allllll the time. I know this. So why do I freak out and start to obsess over stupid little things such as that?

If you eat real food that empowers and enables your body to perform the way it was intended to, you are doing great. I’m doing great. I, and I think I’m speaking for others here when I say this, need to give myself a break. Chill out. Stop worrying. Be more present. IT’S JUST FOOD. And I know everything I make is clean. So who cares if I have a generous serving of that chicken stew? If my body is still hungry, I shouldn’t feel bad about nourishing it. AM I RIGHT?!

So, do yourself a favor and give yourself a break! Lets help each other let loose and try to enjoy the life we lead and the time we’ve been given with the people with love. Most of all, it’s time for us to start loving ourselves (and our bodies) the way we should.


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