Hey there, hi, and hello!

I’m Taylor – a not-so-typical Austinite with a passion for writing, learning, dissecting, strategizing, and growing all at the same time.

When you hear “writer” – what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the journalist staying up until 6 a.m. to meet a 7 a.m. deadline for a passion piece with a local publisher. Perhaps it’s a ghostwriter for your favorite artist that has a way with words that hit you directly in the gut, heart, and soul.

Being a writer doesn’t mean you have to be a published journalist, author, or staff writer for a top-notch magazine or website. It’s embedded within you. It’s the reason you have a disconnect between verbal versus written words. It’s the key to self-expression and the sharing of public knowledge in ways that can be understood by many.

Point-blank: it’s whatever you want it to be.

I’m Taylor, and I’m a writer – a content queen of sorts, and a connoisseur of written words.

Here you’ll find a tasteful blend of my portfolio and published works, articles I find insightful on various levels, the occasional personal blog, and music videos.

Welcome to my site, my portfolio, my heart, and my mind.
Welcome to The Talk of Taylor.

*Find more published writing samples on my Muck Rack page.


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    […] About Taylor: Your typical twenty-something trying to navigate the ins and outs of post grad life. Lover of puppies and all things adorable. Negativity spreads like the plague. Trying to get positivity and love to do the same. Enjoy me. […]


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