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I’ve always wondered why so many people wear converse in the free weights section of my gym and…now I know exactly why!


Gym apparel over the last few years has boomed with the increase in fitness wear retailers tailoring to the increase in participants of gym goers. The reason why? We still want to look our best when sweating buckets, and building some muscle.

This can range from you skinny sweats you find nowadays, or your new trendy trainers that you love to show off. I’m as guilty as the rest of us, so below are my new favourites:

A pair of Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 bought for a respectable £50.

I’m a person who doesn’t want to spend excessive amounts on shoes, but I also like to know it works. By this I mean, I know it is comfortable and suitable for me.

Lots of people will vary their footwear in the gym, from the standard converse shoe, running/aerobic shoe to the mighty weight liftering shoe.

The weight lifting shoe


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