Protein Powder 101: What When & Why

For those of you who are interested in protein powders/have been using them and wondering if/why you’re using them…this is a no frills and simple breakdown of powders and different types of protein


So my boyfriend is your typical college guy. Drinks his mass gain shredder buff protein shake after he works out, because that’s what he’s told to do. But when I told him one night I was making a casein shake he was like casein? What’s that?

Silly boys.

Anyone and everyone knows what protein is. But did you know there are different types of protein? Incomplete, complete, whey, egg, casein, soy, pea….here’s my 101 guide.

Incomplete: Found in bread, beans, rice, etc. These don’t have a complete set of amino acids. If you only eat bread, you will not get complete protein (even though the nutrition label makes you think otherwise). This is why people combine rice AND beans. The missing amino acids in rice are actually found in beans, and vice versa. Together, they form a complete protein.

Complete: Found mainly in animal products. These proteins have all the amino acids you need to survive…

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