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I’m currently running a stack of DNPX by ProSupps, Hyde by Prosupps (Pre-workout), and Dymatize Elite Protein. Those are my current favorites at the moment because i’m getting some good quality muscle mass from them while keeping my body fat low with the DNPX. I have noticed with the DNPX however some slight nausea when I wait to long to eat but that’s nothing new when it comes from fat burners. My Hyde is Green apple flavor and is pretty easy to drink unlike their fruit punch flavor, I hate fruit punch though. I’m also noticing very little bloat from the 10 grams of creatine in the pre-workout. The creatine is actually why I choose Hyde over many others because most pre-workouts do not contain any. As far as the protein goes I have always been a fan Dymatize however I accidentally got the rich vanilla and it has a…

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