When You Disappear Off The Face Of The Earth

To all of my dear followers:

I am so sorry I have been nonexistent on the blogosphere over the last few weeks! My free time has been filled with the endless process of writing cover letters (fun, right?). Oh, the joys of being a twenty-something and trying to get someone to hire you with little experience 600 miles away from the city you’re trying to restart your career in. (Side note, if you have any advice on how to successfully do this, PLEASE share!)

Anyways, I’ve been up to the same-old-same; working out, cooking, working and…sleeping! Well, the sleeping thing has been a bit of a struggle lately, as I haven’t been able to get a solid sleep in a week or so but…it could be worse! No complaints, just honesty.

I’ve been getting so bored with chicken lately, and have been looking for new interesting recipes that can give it some new life. If you have any or know of anyone who is obsessed with some type of chicken recipe (clean/paleo, of course!) let a girl know!

in my gym-related life, I’ve been slowly trying to add more time and attention to weight training, as opposed to cardio. Now, anyone who’s started (or attempted) this transition probably knows that it is a lot easier said than done for one reason only: my mind. Now we all know that our mind’s have the tendency and power to convince us of things that are not true. For me, it’s that I will fall out of shape (what the heck? I know, I know…it’s silly) or stop making progress if I do less cardio and more weight training. I know what is vs. what isn’t true regarding these thoughts. it’s just the process of making myself aware and accepting of said truths.

Soooo, that is life! How’s everyones week going? I cannot WAIT for 6 o’clock tomorrow! WOOOO!

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