Workout! BICEPS!

Heres just a quick workout guide that I do to help you through those shit times. First of all set up everything. Whack on music something you like and ensure its at a volume that’ll blow your head off. Then it’s time to begin.

10 reps 3 sets on all.


  • Alternate Bicep curls (standing) Choose a weight that you struggle with coming towards the end of the 3rd set, but not too heavy otherwise yuour form will be sloppy, which will lead to injury
  • Hammer Curls (standing) again ensure that you struggle on the third set, make sure your form isnt sloppy, oh and make sure your weights are secured onto the dumbells properly, lost count how many times they’ve landed on my toes, after that the only muscle I use is my mouth, actually 74 in fact, this is because if you say the word fuck you use…

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