Finding And Maintaining Balance

OK…I’m happy to announce that I have lost 3 pounds since I last weighed in. I try to  not weigh myself a lot because I have found that me+the scale=a very unhealthy and obsessive relationship which is a no no. If you are like this, I’d really recommend giving it everything you have to not step on the scale as much as fitness guru’s are telling you to. If you know you’re going to over-obsess about this number (that we know shouldn’t matter but sometimes…that’s easier to say than to make yourself believe), then don’t do it. I don’t even own a scale, nor do I intend to invest in one. Yeah, it’s THAT bad.

Anywho…in finding out that I’ve lost 3 pounds in the last 3 weeks, I’ve realized something that was very important to my overall mental clarity. My realization was this: You can achieve progress while indulging in the little things in life. If you’ve found this balance of treating yourself with a sweet something, and can still find your progress towards the goal you’ve set for yourself, then bravo. It’s taken me 8 months to just barely stumble upon this idea. Have I fully grasped and put total belief that this is true? Not entirely…but getting to the point of realizing it was a giant leap in the right direction. For that reason… I want everyone to think, when is the last time you “let” yourself have something that had entirely no benefit to your health-like froyo with too, too many gummy bears (aka my most favorite thing in the whole entire world)? My last time was last Tuesday, and prior to that was valentines day. And guess what? I’ve still made progress towards my goal.

Food is not something to be scared of. If you share a similar mentality as me, this can be a struggle to realize and accept. Heck, I still have days that it feels like I’m at war with myself and my kitchen (ha!) and that’s OK. No one’s perfect. But I’ll say this…food is fuel. You need food. You need to nourish your body, respect it, and use it how it was intended to be used.

In other news…I stumbled upon a delicious oatmeal recipe that will actually keep you full for 4+ hours. It consists of…a mashed banana, whole grain oats, almond milk (or your milk of choice) and cinnamon. super easy, right?! This may look ugly, but it was soooo good.


**I have yet to master the art of the perfect foodie picture (obviously). You just have to trust me on this one!!

Want the recipe? Struggle with the same topics mentioned above? Leave me a comment or send an email my way. I’d love to share the recipe with you, or just chat if that’s what you’d prefer. 🙂

HAPPY MONDAY TO ALL! Make it count.






4 responses to “Finding And Maintaining Balance”

  1. Miss Jaime Avatar

    I’d like the recipe, please!

    I also struggle with the notion of treating myself. My problem is that sometimes I plan for a small sweet something and it turns out into an all out chocolate meltdown. So I’m working on that.


    1. talkoftaylor Avatar

      Working on it is all we can do sometimes. Realizing that’s the exact thing you struggle with puts you (and me!) way ahead of the curve and keeps us able to continue progressing! 🙂

      The recipe is super simple! It’s 1/2 cup of oats, 1/2 cup of milk of choice (I use almond milk, unweetened), 1 banana-mashed, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and whatever toppings you want! So…you mash the banana. Add the oats and cinnamon and milk, and mix together. Microwave for 2 minutes and 45 seconds, stopping half way to stir. I watch it to make sure it doesn’t bubble over (as oatmeal does). and if it looks like it’s going to, just stir it, then put it back. after done microwaving, top with whatever appeals to you! I’ve topped with some berries or some almonds (like pictured) 🙂 Hope this makes sense!


      1. Miss Jaime Avatar

        It does. Thanks! I’m going to try it this week.


  2. talkoftaylor Avatar

    great! let me know how it turns out for you.


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