What To Do When You Lack Motivation

Even the most enthusiastic of health nuts have days where they feel uninspired. This is why getting a routine and sticking to it is SO important. Once it’s a part of your daily life, even when you don’t *feel* like doing it, you do it. And 9 times out of 10, will feel 1000% better after doing so.

City Fit Girls

Have you ever woke up and said to yourself “I’ll work out this evening”? Sure you have! But instead, you find yourself on the couch in front of the TV watching Sex and the City reruns.

What happened? Did you lose energy at work? Get stuck in traffic driving home? Or maybe you just weren’t up to it anymore?

There could be a number of reasons why you lose motivation but let’s focus on what to do to get it back:

  • If you plan to exercise after work, pack your gym bag and take it with you. If you have to go home to change into workout clothes, you may not have the energy to go back out.
  • Create and update a fitness calendar to keep you on schedule with your workouts.
  • Workout in the morning if you can. Studies have shown that it’s better to workout in the morning…

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