MunchPak: Worth the buzz?

I recently received a MunchPak to write a review on the service and what they supply. I was through the roof with excitement when I found out they wanted me to review it, and thought, "Hey, I may as well make this a full-fledged, publishable review." And that, my friends, is exactly what I did.... Continue Reading →


It's been awhile since I've really posted on here or updated you on my photography, and that's because I've taken a slight break from shooting. Why? Not sure; may have just fallen out of the habit and forgotten how much I love it. Regardless, I went on a hike yesterday and snapped a few photos... Continue Reading →

Publication Roundup

Because it's never a bad idea to get all of your eggs in one basket every now and then. Wide Open Eats Storia More to come in the near future . . . patience, my friends! They don't call it a virtue for nothin'. 🙂

The Mind is a Powerful Thing

By: Aaron Do you ever look at yourself? Sure, you see yourself in the mirror a handful of times a day when you go to the bathroom to take a leak and all that, but usually I find that when I look into the mirror I’m looking at all of the things that aren’t me. […]... Continue Reading →

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