Photo Update

Got a new lens and have been playing around with it to figure it out. Being who I am (a complete and total music enthusiast), what better way to play than by shooting some live music in my very own city? Check some of the photos out here, and stick around for awhile, won't ya?

MunchPak: Worth the buzz?

I recently received a MunchPak to write a review on the service and what they supply. I was through the roof with excitement when I found out they wanted me to review it, and thought, "Hey, I may as well make this a full-fledged, publishable review." And that, my friends, is exactly what I did.... Continue Reading →


It's been awhile since I've really posted on here or updated you on my photography, and that's because I've taken a slight break from shooting. Why? Not sure; may have just fallen out of the habit and forgotten how much I love it. Regardless, I went on a hike yesterday and snapped a few photos... Continue Reading →

Publication Roundup

Because it's never a bad idea to get all of your eggs in one basket every now and then. Wide Open Eats Storia More to come in the near future . . . patience, my friends! They don't call it a virtue for nothin'. 🙂

The Mind is a Powerful Thing

By: Aaron Do you ever look at yourself? Sure, you see yourself in the mirror a handful of times a day when you go to the bathroom to take a leak and all that, but usually I find that when I look into the mirror I’m looking at all of the things that aren’t me. […]... Continue Reading →

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