Work In Progress

That’s not some meta description of this post; it’s me simply stating that I have a blog in the works, and it will be released into the Talk of Taylor world very soon.

But for now . . . it’s time to expand our knowledge of a certain genius that goes by the name of Donald Glover, or Childish Gambino if you’re more into music than acting.

You’ve surely heard about Gambino’s new song, “This Is America”, and you’ve definitely heard of, if not seen, the video to the song. It was raw, it was shocking; it was truth that we choose to block out of site.

Glover is also the creator and one of the main characters in “Atlanta”, another show loved by many.

Interestingly enough, there are similarities in the events that transpire within “Atlanta” and the actions that are seen throughout Gambino’s 4-minute video to “This Is America”. But instead of me pointing those out from a distanced POV, I’ll share this gem with you.

Soak it in. Share your thoughts. Share your agreements and disagreements.

We need conversations these days; real ones.

The Problem With Millennial Politics in the Workplace

If you’ve ever spent any time in a corporate setting, you know politics exist. Corporate politics are unlike any other, yet systematically the same. After talking to various people at different levels and ages, it’s impossible to see the real problem. It’s not the millennials. It’s not the baby boomer generation. It’s the transition of one generation to the next, with an increase in technology, knowledge and general transition in human rights (women’s rights included). You no longer are forced to start underground, below the ladder, to only dig your way to the surface and finally get a hand on the corporate ladder that you’ll be climbing for the next 20 years to possibly reach a point where you’re not suffering from total debt. That’s not the primary way of the 2016 world we’re in. That’s not the way of thought. It’s no longer the most ‘efficient’ use of employees. It’s no longer the only working order in the workplace. Now, it’s dog eat dog. It doesn’t matter if these ‘tainted and jaded, self righteous’ millennials respect you and your C-suite position.

Honestly, they shouldn’t. Just because you likely BS-ed your way to the top by means of sexism and misogynistic acts. If anything, those people people shouldn’t be respected or tolerated. Why? Because it’s 2016 and we know that isn’t how things work. We know that if you don’t appreciate us—someone, somewhere will. I have no problem working my ass off to find that place. It’s the network age, and we’re not acting like it. We aren’t adapting. Leadership isn’t bridging any gaps from college to the real world. Yes, test your tentative employees to ensure they can actually be beneficial the way their resume, portfolio and cover letter say they are. But to test someone on skills worldly outside of any remotely relative to one’s scope of work. That’s not how management should work; not in 2016 and definitely not in the network age. I wrote an article specifically about leadership in the network age (quite literally) which specifically breaks down what’s needed to bridge that gap on both ends. Everyone has needs in the workplace, and they should given a safe and respected platform to share these needs and concerns, and receive immediate feedback. It’s time to take the status quo of the past and. . .keep it there.

It’s time to allow, enable and practice full transparency and merging it with full respect. There should be no hierarchical order. If a senior exec has an idea and someone on the lower end of the ladder presents a more applicable and profitable idea; that idea should be heard—not criticized. Not seen as a failure. Just because a VP didn’t create a proper plan doesn’t make it a failed mission;a flawed and faulty plan. It’s higher management failing to adapt (think biomimicry), failing to allow and enable collaboration. It’s pride and ego getting in the way of progress, success and growth. These are people at the end of the day. People with different skill sets that should be known and utilized, not abandoned and shifted towards failure for the sole purpose of it being their idea. Ego has no place in the network age. Ego will kill your company. Ego will increase disloyalty—not self-righteous millennials.

You need these millennials to turn the backwards thinking into ideas, plans and action towards a better tomorrow. To a place where profit is high, morale is high, and trust is present in every corner of the company. Hate us all you want, but by doing so, know you’re playing into a feedback loop that will cause a cascade of your company, sending it crumbling to particles of nothing. Ignorance and lack of transparency along with the failure to adapt will cause any and every company to suffer. From resignations and layoffs, to heightened stress levels and overworked employees. Delegate. Collaborate. Get things done with immense efficiency, and both ends of the spectrum will, over time, organically earn that respect of each other. With earned respect comes prosperity and a high energy workplace. Why would you want your corporation to falter and employees to drop like flies? you shouldn’t, and you don’t have to—so don’t.


#____lives matter

I don’t know if its ignorance, lack of perspective, etc.; but I’m sick of hearing anything about “ _____lives matter”. Does this mean I don’t think they do? No. Black lives matter equally as much as Muslim lives matter equally as much as Hispanic lives matter, equally as much as white lives matter, and etc. But why are we segregating ourselves? Why are we acting with hate about hate?

I get it. I’m white, and I should get no say about the oppression of any minority, because I’ve never been oppressed due to my skin color. However, does this make it OK to hate me for being born white? No. Is it OK for me to hate anyone for being born the skin color they are? No. Why does this matter? Why are we shuffling the blame on different races and different world perspectives, all the while spreading hate?

This is madness.
This is a twisted form of insanity derived from hate.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Huh…Interesting thought there, isn’t it?

President Obama gets a lot of hate about anything and everything every single day. However, President Obama was one of the only humans to perfectly sum up a major issue that we’ve created amongst ourselves out of fear. Out of hate.

A few days ago, the President (perfectly) addressed the nation regarding recent events, stating,

“When incidents like this occur, there’s a big chunk of our fellow citizenry that feels as if because of the color of their skin they are not being treated the same,” the President continued,  “that hurts and that should trouble all of us. . .This is not just a black issue. . .This is not just a Hispanic issue. This is an American issue that we should all care about. It’s incumbent on all of us to say we can do better than this. We are better than this.”

And you thought the prospective presidential candidates continually talking about gun control, reform and peace would initiate the emergence of drastic change within the boundaries of this country? Good one.

You can’t fight stupid with stupid, fire with fire, and hate with hate. Do you know where that gets you? Well…I’ll show you:

Look around. There have been 2 (publicized) acts of hate within a month, 3 acts of police brutality in a week, and now the entire country is standing on their soapboxes preaching peace and equality, yet continuing on with their lives and refusing to have the conversation.

Posting an inspirational quote is bullshit, and I hope you know that. I hope everyone knows that. Throwing flowers at a fire doesn’t put the fire out, does it? Of course not. It does nothing to the fire; it gets completely engulfed and drowned out by the flames.

After reading column after column from countless perspectives, I like to think I have a slight grasp on the issues blacks have with anyone saying, “all lives matter”. Yes, all lives do matter. However, are all lives being discriminated upon? Are all lives being oppressed and gunned down by those whose sole job is to protect them? No. Not even slightly. It’s likely that I’ll never get pulled over for being white. I’ll never get thrown to the ground for having a wallet in my pocket and shot for telling whoever has me pinned down that I couldn’t breathe. Those are situations that have a .01% likelihood of happening to me.

Through this, I like to think I have a meek understanding as to why it’s offensive to those who have been oppressed when someone says, “all lives matter”. Right now, all lives aren’t experiencing what blacks in America are. But does that mean we need to rally in distinguished groups based on race? I’ll say it: I don’t think so—not even remotely. Yes. There are corrupt police officers who are clearly racist and not just harassing, but killing, innocent people because of the color of their skin. But here’s what I’m saying: does protesting saying, “black lives matter”, or “all lives matter” put any change into place? Does it create a call to action? Does it open up the floor for conversation? Is it providing the footwork for the emergence of real solutions to these real problems? No. It pins people against each other. It segregates us. I understand (as much as I can)  the purpose behind the slogan. I get that it’s a cry to be treated the same as their fellow man; that like everyone else, they deserve protection because they’re human beings—as is everyone within the country and around the world. And of course they do. What’s going on is completely and totally maddening. It’s sickening. It’s ridiculous. It’s insane. It’s backtracking.

The real thing I’m getting at here is that preaching anything—regardless of what it is—doesn’t make it change. Yes, it unifies people together under a greater cause. But what else is it doing? We get it. All lives matter. Black lives matter. Everyone deserves the same thing, and everyone isn’t getting it.

A reddit user broke down the problem with saying, “all lives matter”, stating that,

“…the phrase ‘black lives matter’ also has an implicit ‘too’ at the end: it’s saying that black lives should also matter. But responding to this by saying ‘all lives matter’ is willfully going back to ignoring the problem. It’s a way of dismissing the statement by falsely suggesting that it means ‘only black lives matter,’ when that is obviously not the case. And so saying ‘all lives matter’ as a direct response to ‘black lives matter’ is essentially saying that we should just go back to ignoring the problem.”

True. This is all entirely valid. But something regarding all the preaching leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Something about calling out for “love” and “prayers” for our “black brothers and sisters” irritates me beyond what any combination of words can begin to express. I know this is a bold statement that’ll probably be taken the wrong way, but hear me out:

It’s not that I’m inconsiderate, soulless, or hateful. It isn’t that I don’t agree with these statements and the intention behind them. It’s just that…when I see politicians and every human with a computer/tablet/phone using tragedies such as this as a way to get ahead in the polls; as a way to promote their campaign, what they intend to implement to stop the violence, and to not be the only one that’s not commenting about being “deeply saddened” about the events and sending “prayers to all involved and affected”.

Get over yourself, and get a soul. Get over being politically correct. Get over the status quo. Get over preaching peace on social media, only to carry on with your meaningless conversations about your boyfriend not getting you the right flowers or Dwayne Wade leaving the Heat. Pardon the language but who fucking cares? How can you NOT talk about what’s happening? I can’t not think about it, I won’t stop wanting to talk about it, talk about the next step, talk about my anger and frustration with the corruption within our own country that we see yet do nothing about. How are we not holding each other accountable? How are we NOT having the conversations? How are we letting our “brothers and sisters” comment about how “sad and heartbreaking” these acts of hate are, just to put it at bay to rest, as to not kill the vibe. Fuck the vibe. I don’t care to make someone feel comfortable by not talking about what’s happening. It should make you uncomfortable. It should make you sick and rock every emotion within your heart; even ones you didn’t know you could feel.

I don’t care if someone’s black, white, Hispanic, Muslim, Asian, Chinese, Indian, gay, straight. I care about people. I care about the human race. I care about educating others and myself about the root of this evil we’ve found ourselves in the midst of, and figuring out how to unify everyone from every race, every sexual preference, every walk of life.

Get the fuck off that soap-box and submerge yourself in the real world with real people wanting to spark real change. It takes one match to start a fire. The match has been dropped, and it’s in our hands to decide whether to fight the fire, or let it relentlessly burn everything and everyone to the ground.

Please understand I am a lover of mankind. I don’t discriminate because discrimination has no truth in my life. It has no part of it, and I will continue my life being a lover—not a hater or a fighter. I will forever vocalize my opinion in an intentional way that calls for change. I don’t mind having the conversations that people are afraid to have. I will never stop educating myself on all angles of all things. I will not, however, stand back and watch as this country divides itself. I will not just watch a war erupt in my own backyard due to lack of perspective on oppression. I will call people out for preaching the phrase, “black/all lives matter”, and ending the conversation there. That’s not where the conversation ends; It’s where it begins. It’s where change derives from. It’s where innovation is born. It’s where people come together for the better good of mankind. We as a nation (or the government) are striving for peace and acceptance in other countries, yet we cannot attain it within our own borders. This moment, this exact moment: this is the beginning of a massive public shift. Whether it’s for good or bad is in our own hands.

The future is up to us, and I will do everything I can to rally for the better good of mankind. I will fight against this war with intention, respect and love.

Will you?