Content Overload

OK. I’ve been meaning to write a blog post for about a month now (I know). Turns out, fear of putting pen to paper because you’re afraid of the combination of words your brain will formulate is, in fact, very real.

While I’ve been finding excuse after excuse to not sit down, reflect and write on it . . . I’ve also realized that I haven’t updated my site with content I’ve professionally created over the last several months. Honestly, it’s probably been longer than that. But in my defense, life moves way too fast sometimes.

Below is a compilation of sorts including samples of work I’ve created over the last eleven months in my career.

More to be added soon 🙂


7 thoughts on “Content Overload

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    1. I think Jake should remove the carrot out of his ASS .Moron, pussy! Take your moms dress and apologize fo Taylor . She doesn’t deserve your BULLSHIT. Seriously don’t leave that carrot up your ass to long… you already have a STD from your blow up doll you don’t need one from the carrott to.

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  1. I’ve read much of what you’ve written Taylor, and I think you are very, very good at writing. And thinking. And just putting thoughts that I have felt but could not express into words.

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